You might be startled to realize that the people around you can usually guess your mood, even if you don’t say a word. 

That’s because what you wear acts as a billboard for how you’re feeling. And even further, what you wear changes how you feel: You *can* dress better to feel better. It’s scientifically proven. 

It’s also logical. Think about the last time you were feeling down in the dumps. Did you “hide” behind an oversized hoodie or sweat pants? When you feel insecure, do you avoid bright colors and patterns and stick to basic black? 

Your outfit may project what’s on the inside. But by the same token, you can use clothing to boost your mood and increase your confidence, rather than simply reflect it. So when Elizabeth Taylor urged us to “put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,” she wasn’t kidding. 

How to dress better to feel better

Right now it might be really tempting to live in frumpy sweats that mask your pandemic anxiety. Who’s gonna know anyway? 

You, that’s who. And your beautiful brain deserves a little more encouragement than all that. So give these easy tips a go when you’re feeling a little low and need some motivation:

When you need to take care of business

Most of us know that a fitted jacket and tailored pants or a skirt will make a great first impression in important business situations. 

But what if you’re working from home, where the dog doesn’t give a flying flip about what you wear? If you’re having trouble getting down to brass tacks, take off the pajama pants and put on something structured. Clothing with shape can help give shape to your day. 

When you need to work out

Wearing workout gear without putting it to use feels a little bit like false advertising, doesn’t it? So on days when you want to commit to working out, see how you can work your fitness basics into your everyday outfit.

Some ideas: Do you have yoga pants that could pass as leggings with a pair of knee-high boots and a tunic? Does your tank top look basic enough to go under a blazer or cardigan? Would a pair of sleek black sneakers look appropriate with black ankle jeans in a modern wash? This is a literal example of how to dress better to feel better—inside and out.

When you need some cheer

Here’s a bright idea: Grab the most colorful clothes in your closet. You may feel like wearing something as gray as your mood, but resist! Red, orange and yellow in particular serve to increase energy levels. A neck scarf or bright lipstick reinforces this feeling every time that you look in the mirror—as does the positive response you’ll get from others around you who also feel energized by your color.

When you need confidence

Most of us have that one thing that always makes us feel amazing every time we wear it. What’s yours? A great pair of heels can change your walk, giving you a stride like a supermodel. A pair of statement earrings can cause you to carry your head high. If you’re not sure, we here at RidMe can help you dial in your power outfit so you can dress better to feel better.

Remember that fit is key to wearing an outfit with confidence. Tailoring and alterations can help take a good article of clothing to great and make you feel phenomenal about unique you.

What are your favorite ways to improve your mood with what you wear? Tell us in the comments below; we’d love to feature your great ideas on our Facebook page!

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