Stressed About Getting Dressed?

Learn from our trained fashion stylists to create outfits out of clothes you already own.

Leave the house feeling confident.

Americans experience ”Wardrobe Panic", on average, 36 times per year.  RIDME connects you with trained fashion stylists at the time of getting dressed, with clothes you already own, to help reduce wardrobe panic so that you can walk out the door feeling confident.

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Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

You're getting dressed.

You doubt your outfit.

Snap a pic, upload the image, "submit".

Receive a notification with a

Personalized and Professional



Follow the direction.

You feel confident.

You look the part.


I'm looking for help

I'm here to help others

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wool skirt
The top is perfect for you.
The fit of the top is not good.
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Halter top
bohemian dress
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4 Secrets To A Killer Outfit







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