Maybe your boots were made for walkin’. Or maybe they were actually made to just look cute while you sit. But were they made for you? Because some boots flatter some body types more than others. Choose the best boot for your body, and you’ll gain more than pep in your step; you can stand tall knowing you have style for miles.

Our tips below really all come down to one thing: proportion. There are all kinds of gorgeous shapes out there–in both bodies *and* boots. It’s just a matter balancing the two so that you are slaying it with every stride of your marvelous, booty-kickin’ self.

It’s easiest to experiment in a store with a broad selection and good mirrors. So grab your socks and give these a go:

The best boots for your body if you’re…a curvy figure eight:

A cone heel and rounded toe keep the curves a’curvin. You can also balance a fuller figure with a wider wedge (look at the heel from the back of the boot). Aim for either knee-high or right at the ankle; mid-calf boots cut a leg right in half. (Visually, of course, not literally!) To really create a long leg line, avoid overly fussy detail and match the color of your boot to the color of your tights and skirt or pants.

The best boots for your body if you’re…an apple or pear shape. 

Create some proportion with a stacked heel. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it’s usually pleasing to the knees and feet, too, as stacked heels can be relatively comfortable. (Can we get a hallelujah?) Again, go for an ankle bootie or knee-high style (see curvy figure eight above), and keep the color and detail to a minimum.

The best boots for your body if you’re…long and lean.

While no styles are off-limits for the long-limbed, you can venture into the flat riding boot aisle and pull it off (no horse required). A mid-calf boot works on those with long legs, as does a full-on over-the-knee boot. (Drama, baby!) If you want to add some feminine flair to a boyish figure, try a stiletto heel or narrow wedge, and choose boots with extra detailing.

The best boots for your body if you’re…petite.

Looking for a lift? Pull on a pair of platform boots with a thinner heel. Just make sure that the platform is the same color as the boot, or it visually cuts you short. Similarly, high ankle boots with a hidden wedge built in are super elongating. People are likely to start putting you in the back row of group photos with elevations like these!

The best boots for your body if you’re…muscular.

Good golly, friend–show off those calves! A short stiletto will make the muscle pop and allow for full appreciation of your hard work.

An important point about calves: Until not too long ago, boot shafts were made in one size, and one size only. Of course, calves are not! Increasingly, brands are offering wider widths to accommodate more sizes right out of the box. Styles with a stretchy patch built in or laces up the back also offer some give-and-take. But don’t be afraid to get your boots altered–a quality leather pair can often be stretched or taken in by your neighborhood shoe repair shop. 

The best pants to wear with Medium to tall boots.

So the next time baby needs new shoes, consider what shape works best with beautiful you. Go to a store for a little boot camp: Try on different styles to see just how a subtle difference in style, color or heel can really change a look. Upload photos to the RidMe app and get the feedback of our stylists and community. You’ll soon feel like Cinderella!

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