shopping with intention

What is this way of clothes shopping, you might ask? Well, it’s like this: Before I impulsively plunk down $3 for a new cardigan (because it was ONLY $3!), I ask myself a few questions. All of my clothing purchases now have to meet these criteria, which are stricter than Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet:

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personal style adjectives

Let’s commence with a whole lotta love for oneself, followed by an honest assessment and then a plan for wearing those words that you wanna see and be. You can do this. You are capable and smart and strong. (See? Personal style adjectives. Embrace them. Own them. You rock!)

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woman sewing, tailoring and alterations

RM: What are all the reasons why having a piece repaired or altered is a good idea?

SK: Altering and repairing clothes instead of just getting rid of them is definitely key to a sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, it can save you money and is generally a more responsible choice than throwing out clothes and buying new and cheap from department stores. Often clothes will come back into style after a few years, and you can wear them again with some repairs or adjustments and still feel trendy. Really, if you want to look your best in your clothes, you should have a professional alter them for you. You’ll look and feel better in something that was customized to fit you perfectly.

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