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Welcome to 2020! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of us who love fresh starts. And we here at RIDME are *with you* for this one! Amid all the new year, new you suggestions, we’re bringing you clear instruction for getting a handle on the place that can sometimes make or break your day. 


Ya know, that place that you shove clutter when company comes to visit.  That place you spend standing, in your skivvies, staring...just staring. That place you go to seeking confidence and enjoyment, but often times find boredom, frustration, and tears.  That’s right, we’re talking about your closet (echo: closet closet closet closet). This is your chance to Do. Something. About. It. Let’s organize this bad boy. Take control. 


Even better, our step-by-step guide to closet organization in today’s blog is going to naturally lead you to wardrobe evaluation, our topic for the next blog. Yes, we’re also going to help you decide whether to keep it or get “rid” of it.   Those pajama pants that you have to safety pin around your waist? Parting won’t be sweet sorrow. As Beyonce famously said, we’re gonna upgrade you.


Because fundamentally, you deserve to feel good and look good. It’s not about spending a lot, or even buying much more than you already own (we know, everyone owns a lot we don’t even wear); it’s about being intentional in our purchases, understanding how to make outfits out of what we already own, and learning how to store or get “rid” of items to make room for things that will light us up. Feeling your best in things that flatter you can change your day--or at least give you extra courage to face it.


So without further ado, let’s ring in the new year with some sorting supplies: 

  • all-purpose cleaner and paper towels or rags
  • wood cleaner; 
  • a trash can or bag; 
  • a vacuum; 
  • a great playlist (submit your favorite closet-cleaning songs in our Facebook Group); and, 
  • if you’re really feeling the New Year vibe, your favorite party hat. Confetti optional...though you’re going to have to vacuum it up later, so consider that one carefully.


* * *


RIDME’s Step-by-Step Guide To Closet Organization


Step One (look at you, getting started!): 

  • Sort your stuff by style. 
    • Group all jackets together; do the same for pants, skirts, hats, handbags, belts, etc 

Step Two:  Within those categories, sort again. 

  • Group all sleeveless shirts together, for example. 
    • Separate jeans from dress pants, cropped pants from regular length. 
    • Cluster those jeans by style: flared vs. straight leg vs. skinny, or high waist vs. mid-rise vs. low rise. 
    • Organize boots by heel height and length (booties vs. mid-calf vs. knee-high vs. over-the-knee). 
    • Sort casual tees from short-sleeved blouses. 
    • Think mostly about use--this is going to reveal whether you have duplicates in certain categories and gaps in others.

Step Three (You’re on a roll! Keep going!):  

  •  Now sort by color
    • There’s no prescribed method to this madness. You can hang your lineup by ROY G BIV or in whatever order brightens your day--you do you. (Who knew you had so many graphic tees, right?)*

Step Four: Take five! Go grab a snack and a glass of water. Check your playlist--how’s it holding up? Bust a move in your bedroom if you’re feeling it. We won’t judge. (Though your dog might.) Closet organization doesn’t need to be onerous. 


After a *brief* break (seriously, don’t leave this next part for another day--momentum is best served fresh), Step Five:  complete the same process with everything in your drawers. Separate your skivvies from your socks. Group grandma panties and pretty lacies. Split up knee socks and sports socks. You get the idea.


Step Six:  

  • organize your accessories and jewelry
    • Make sure it’s all visible; if necessary, hang necklaces and scarves from a hanger temporarily, so you get a good sense of what you’ve got.


Whew! YOU’RE DONE!  There’s more in there than you realized, right? This is good thing. Opportunity is knocking at your closet door. Because in two weeks, we’re going to teach you how to make outfits out of the best and disperse the rest. Out with the old, and in with any new essentials that you need to add or replace. New year, new style--friend, you’re going to rock it!


Live with this for a hot minute. Maintain the organization, especially if you took our pro tip below. And tune in two weeks from now, when we help you make the ultimate leap in closet organization: actually keeping only what you wear. 


Happy New Year, New You, friends. Enjoy the little bit of calm and sense of control that comes from being tidy and accomplished. Now turn up your success playlist--you’ve earned it!


*Pro Tips

  1. Clean as you go
  2. When you wear an item, hang the item with the hanger backward. It’ll feel super awkward the first time. But it’ll instantly reveal, at the end of a few weeks, you’ll quickly see which things you love and which languish each season.



  1. David Fish on January 9, 2020 at 4:33 PM

    As you suggest, I sort by function and color also.
    Since I’ve been allocated a very small portion of our closet space, I use additional techniques:
    * If something comes in, something must go out.
    * In January, after the tree comes down, I try-on for fit all items are not in heavy rotation [backward hanger stuff]. If something doesn’t fit well, you know, those “I just need to drop 5 pounds clothes” it’s gone. Love yah, buhbye.

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