Here for you

RIDME understands the negative feelings tied to personal image.   We have years of experience listening, teaching, and supporting clients through wardrobe frustration, boredom, and panic.   

One of you

RIDME is a community of women just like you, struggling with the same hurdles and hang ups, seeking help and eager to help others in a safe space. 

We are also trained consultants of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  We have dressed thousands of women of every ethnicity.  We help you refine YOUR personal style, no matter what our's is.

More than you

RIDME quiets the self-doubting and hurtful voices in your head.  Our community and trained professionals look at you objectively.  We are honest and helpful.  


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  • Viewed by RIDME Community
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  • Basic And Fun
  • Safe and Helpful


  • Payment Options
  • Private
  • Trained Fashion Stylists
  • Detailed Direction
  • Eliminate Second-Guessing


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